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SWSA Socctoberfest 2018 FAQ

Why is the tournament held on Saturday and "possibly Sunday?" In order to accomodate as many teams as are interested in playing, we have reserved the fields for both days. If we have the field and tournament setup for both days, that allows us the flexibility of adding more teams and stretching the tournament through Sunday. Our intention is to have the tournament on Saturday only, but as part of SWSA's mission to encourage soccer in the region, we don't want to have to turn teams away should they be interested in playing in the tournament.

How do I register my team? Starting in 2015, SWSA will be managing Socctoberfest through LeagueApps.com. If, at the time you're reading this, the website is unavailable to register and pay for your Socctoberfest team, rest assured that it will be soon. We are in the process of finalizing making this system available to our teams to streamline the registration, administration, and payment processes.

Do all players need player cards? YES! All players will be required to have current player cards through WSASA. If you have an active card for and league in Washington State, then you are eligible. If you do not, then you'll need to either register in advance through the WSASA website or show up to the tournament early enough to register there before the first game. We are planning on having registration forms in advance. To register at the tournament, you will need to have your photo ID and a photograph to submit to WSASA (photocopies of photos are fine). You also need to be prepared to write a check to WSASA.

What is the difference between divisions? As is the case with many tournaments, the Division listing is open to interpretation. Ideally, all three divisions will be competitive in their own right, and we will have prizes for the winning teams of each division. Competitive is considered the top division for this tournament. Use your best judgement on where your team might fit. Please also note that divisions are subject to change based upon which teams sign up, and at the administration's discretion, in order to make the tournament fun and a success for everyone.

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